About One Lazuli

In 1979, Dr. Rosli Mai Lam founded Lazuli Sdn Bhd, to import and distribute livestock & livestock farming solutions. The company would go on to pioneer & be a leader in Malaysia’s ruminant livestock industry. In the following decades, Lazuli & its founder would receive numerous awards & certificates, recognizing their contribution to the development of the industry to where it is today.
In 2016, the decision was made to separate our Live Animals Division from our Livestock Farming Solutions Division, which now operates under One Lazuli Sdn Bhd. While our name and look has changed, we continue to be committed to delivering our best to our customers & the industry.

To provide excellence in end-to-end ruminant farming solutions, in a sustainable way for all stakeholders.
A thriving ruminant livestock industry in Malaysia that creates more wealth, jobs & food stability.